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"Cancer didn't bring me to my knees,
it brought me to my feet."

Up Yours Cancer

You are stronger than you think,

you just need some help believing it

Since I began working with Maggies Cancer Care Center Swansea in 2020 I have witnessed people who have been through an incredibly challenging, harrowing and frightening time in their lives and have been left feeling fragile and vulnerable physically, mentally and emotionally with a fear that any physical exercise could cause them harm.


My purpose is to show you that you are stronger and more capable than you think and guide you through these sessions to prove it. These are more than just exercise classes, they are designed to give you the opportunity and confidence to take back control of you life.


These sessions are held at CrossFit SA1 in Swansea

Every Weds & Fri 7.30pm

Please get in touch and organise calling in to watch a session and for a chat with the gang, they understand what you have been through more than I ever could

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